Why You Should Organise Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Summer

Whether you have a split-system air conditioning unit, ducted air conditioning or even a portable little device, all air conditioning applications need to be maintained to ensure maximum efficiency. You may have even noticed your power bill creeping up in little increments as your air conditioning gets older and starts to soak up more power for the same functions. Before summer arrives in Australia once again, it is vital that you organise your air conditioning maintenance so that you and your equipment are ready for the heat. Here are a few key reasons that illustrate why it is best to get this over and done with before the mercury starts to rise.

Easier To Stay Warm In Winter Than Cool In Summer

You are probably using your air conditioning during winter as well and don't really want to take any time away from your unit because you will get cold. However, in winter, you always have the opportunity to put on more layers to stay warm while your main heating device is off-line. In summer, there are only so many layers you can take off, and the weather will still be abnormally hot and can cause fatigue and heatstroke. Neither experience will be especially pleasant, but it is vastly easier to survive without heating for a day than it is to go without cooling during summer.

Rush Of Customers

After the first few warm days of summer, everyone begins to realise that now is the time they need their air conditioning maintained, and so a flurry of people rush air conditioning repair and maintenance companies. This can mean big delays, especially if you can only go to one or two contractors due to your agreement when you bought your air conditioning. During winter, not as many people are worried about their AC unit and so it is far quicker to get an appointment and make sure you are prepared for the months ahead.

Winter Can Hide Problems

You might know that you are due for a service, but unless you see a direct problem, you can just as easily assume there is no need to get it done. However, this can be a miscalculation because winter can cover up some of the issues your air conditioning may be facing. Heating functions are quite a bit different than cooling, and operating in colder conditions is far easier for machinery than trying to stay efficient in boiling hot temperatures. The last thing you want is to turn on your air conditioning during summer, looking for sweet relief, only to discover it hasn't been able to cool for several months. 

Contact an air conditioning maintenance company to learn more.

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