Easy Ways You Can Tell When Your Concrete Surface Needs Polishing

Concrete is one of the most popular flooring materials. The popularity of the material comes from the fact that it is affordable, easy to install and extremely durable. However, like all other flooring materials, concrete needs proper maintenance to maintain its integrity. When these procedures are not followed, the beauty and integrity of concrete surfaces wears out. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the signs that indicate your concrete surfaces are falling apart so that you can start the repair process.  Here are the three major signs to look for.

Cracks in the Concrete

Cracks in the concrete can be caused by a lot of things, including poor curing during the pouring process and problems with the foundation. However, if your floor did not have these problems to start with and it develops large cracks, especially between the joints, that is a sign of aging and disintegrating concrete. When this problem is not resolved in time, the concrete ends up letting moisture into the internal structure of the floor, causing even more damage.

Flaking and Spalling of the Floor

Mistakes which are made during the concrete pouring process end up haunting the floor for many years after. Flaking happens when the concrete starts falling apart in layers, and these layers create an uneven and dusty surface. On the other hand, spalling affects areas where the foot and machinery traffic is heavy. You will notice that the concrete is slowly falling apart and bumps are developing in these weak areas. If not polished, the floor becomes very difficult to clean and puts your building at risk of getting into problems with the local building code.

Formation of Dents

When the smaller issues with a concrete floor are not handled in time, the weak areas can become larger and turn into potholes. The formation of dents is common in buildings such as warehouses, where it is common for heavy objects to be dropped on the floor. It is advisable to have these dents sealed as soon as they occur because if not, theycan  keep widening and worsening the condition of the floor.

These are the three most common tell-tale signs that a concrete floor is weakening and needs concrete polishing or repair. Contact flooring contractors to help assess the damage on your floor. It is only after a sound assessment of the floor condition that the professional can recommend the best way to repair the floor and protect it from further damage. 

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