When Planning a New Home Build, Who Is the Most Important Contractor?

When you want to build a brand-new home on virgin land, you may look forward to its completion and be keen to get the work done. In this case, you may negotiate with building contractors and other tradies and have some plans that define the project. However, why should you focus on one contractor in particular before going too far to avoid any issues and ensure the work is done correctly?

Working with the Plans

As you know, you will need approval from your local authority before you can build a structure like this. This will be especially important if you build very near your property boundary, where such activity could affect a neighbour.

Providing Guidance

While you may have chosen builders and contractors who are very good at their craft, they may need professional guidance before they get down to business. In other words, they will need to be told where to work and specifically what to do, so the project can conform to planning requirements and avoid any boundary challenges.

Bringing in a Land Surveyor

To do this work, you need to bring in a land surveyor. They'll conduct what is known as a "set out" survey, which will effectively translate the plans from paper into the real world. They use a variety of specialist machines that can electronically measure distance using energy waves. This will allow them to set out instructions with a high degree of accuracy, which the other craftsmen can follow.

After the planning and analysis phase, the surveyor will place physical markers in the ground according to industry best practices. They'll also discuss the work with the other contractors.

Working with Qualified Experts

Remember, only licensed surveyors are skilled enough to conduct this work, and you should never cut corners here. In the worst-case scenario, you could impinge on your neighbour's property or find that your contractors start to fight amongst themselves, as they do not have clear and unambiguous instructions. This could lead to costly stoppages while you sort everything out, and let's face it, you are unlikely to finish the project on time.

Making a Shrewd Decision

If you want to get this work done as quickly as possible and without error, remember to contact a reputable land surveying company first. Ask them about a set-out survey for your project. They will study the approved plans and advise you about the next steps. 

For more info about land surveying, contact a local company. 

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