Excavator Hire Tips

Excavators are essential equipment in construction sites that require digging or earthmoving works. Excavator hire is one option for contractors who do not own excavators. If you intend to hire the equipment, read this article for some interesting tips on how to save money when hiring an excavator. 

Choose The Right Excavator

Most people do not give much thought to this consideration. However, it is a crucial factor when renting the excavator. Create a list of the activities that you want the excavator to conduct at the site. It will help you determine the features, such as the size and engine capacity of the excavator. Determine the need for excavator attachments such as augers and rakes. Hiring them alongside the excavator is cheaper than renting this equipment independently. 

When it comes to the excavator model, consider reputable and durable brands. Besides, test the excavator to ensure it does not have any defects. Although most companies will offer repair and maintenance services, only hire effective equipment. Remember, you will still have to pay idle employees and incur other unnecessary costs associated with downtime. 

Ask For A Flexible Operator

If you opt for wet hire, vet the excavator operator to establish their experience and qualifications. If possible, ask the company to provide a multi-skilled operator. This way, the operator can perform other tasks at the site when the equipment is idle. For example, they could conduct rigging work, help with traffic control or erect scaffolding. 

Take Insurance Coverage If You Opt For Dry Excavator Hire

The downside of dry hire is that you may be at fault if the excavator develops defects at your site. You can counter this by taking hired-in plant insurance. The cover will protect the excavator from risks such as theft, malicious damage and acts of nature. Should the equipment break down, the insurance company will pay the rental charges while it is under repair. Although this coverage costs more than the standard damage waiver, it can save you thousands of dollars in case of an accident or breakdown. 

Negotiate The Terms And Pricing 

When approaching the excavator hire company, you must demonstrate that you understand how excavator hire works. Start by giving a comparison of what other companies offer. For example, you could ask why their competition offers free transport while the company does not. Such an analysis will compel the company to customise a competitive excavator hire package. Besides, negotiate the daily charges and ask for discounts while the excavator is not in use. 

When hiring an excavator, choose the right equipment, hire a flexible operator, take adequate insurance coverage and negotiate the rental terms. 

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