3 Reasons to Install Sheet Waterproofing Membranes

If you need to waterproof part of a build, then you can choose between using liquid or sheet membranes. You paint or spray liquid products onto a surface; you physically attach sheets. While liquid solutions work well in some circumstances, sheet membranes often have more benefits. Why should you install waterproofing sheets?

1. Get Complete Coverage

Liquid waterproofing membranes only work effectively if they cover all of a surface. You need to apply them evenly at the right thickness. If you don't do this, then your surface won't be waterproofed. Gaps in the membrane or areas that don't have thick enough coverage allow water through.

While liquid membranes are technically easy to apply, you won't necessarily find this an easy job. If you lose concentration or take a break, then you might not cover the surface completely. You might miss a bit. Or, you might not be able to tell where the membrane coverage ends when you pick up the job again.

Waterproofing sheets are easier to install. These sheets are all exactly the same thickness. You can always see your work as you go along, so you won't leave any gaps. Your waterproofing will be more effective.

2. Get a More Cost-Effective Solution

It's not always easy to gauge how much liquid membrane you'll need to coat a surface. If you don't buy enough, then you could have a gap in the job until you buy more. You might end up using more products than you need if you have to go over areas again because you can't tell exactly where you stopped work. If you buy too much, then you waste money.

You'll find it easier to buy the right amount of sheet membrane. You can tell exactly how much coverage you'll get from an order. So, you're less likely to run out or overspend on this part of the job.

3. Speed up the Job

If you apply a liquid membrane, then you usually have to wait for the liquid to dry and set before you can do any other work on the area. This could delay your work if you don't have other jobs to do while you wait.

You can work on sheet membranes as soon as you put them up. They don't need time to dry or set. You can even have some of your crew working on installed sheets in one area while others continue to put up sheeting. You won't have any delays, and you can complete your project faster.

To find out more about membrane sheets and their benefits, contact waterproofing product suppliers.

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