How to Determine the Best Pitch for Your New Residential Skylights

Homeowners use skylights to add natural light to rooms that receive little light during the day. Beyond their functionality, skylights increase the kerb appeal of a room by allowing the occupants to enjoy great outdoor views. Before installing this fixture, know that the pitch you choose can affect its performance. But how do you determine whether to go for a flat, slightly sloped or steeply sloped skylight? Here are a few factors to inform your decision.

The design of your roof

Roof design plays a crucial role in determining the perfect pitch for a skylight. If you have a flat roof, you may need to go for a flat or slightly pitched skylight. Flat skylights are easy to install on flat roofing as you don't need to modify the structure to accommodate the pitch. However, it's important to note that both flat roofs and flat skylights don't shed rainwater properly. Therefore, they are prone to leaks. 

To avoid susceptibility to leaks without complicating the project, you can slope your skylights slightly. The small pitch allows rainwater to flow away from the fixture and protect it from leaking. Alternatively, explore other skylight designs such as dome shapes. A dome shape allows natural light into a room without the risk of poor rainwater drainage.

The purpose of the skylight

What is the purpose of your skylight? Do you want it to add natural light to living areas? Are you converting your loft into a bedroom and want the skylight to act as a window? These factors will help you determine the best slope for the fixture. If you need a skylight to open up your living room or kitchen, a flat or slightly pitched one would be an excellent choice. 

Likewise, if you need a skylight for your loft bedroom, a pitched one is also a suitable option. The pitch causes the skylight to mimic a window. You can open and close it as desired to vent the room and bring in fresh air from the outdoors. Furthermore, pitched skylights drain rainwater perfectly, which reduces the risk of leaks and water damage in your loft bedroom.

Skylight location and potential obstructions

Finally, consider your preferred location and its surroundings. For example, does the room overlook a tall building or large tree? If so, installing a skylight that faces the obstruction can deny you adequate natural light and excellent views. In this case, the fixture should be flat or slightly pitched to avoid obstruction. However, the pitch design can be great if you want the trees to shade the skylight during summer. Conversely, if there are no buildings and trees in the way, you can install a pitched skylight.  

For skylight window design and installation services, contact a contractor.

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