Wooden Versus Vinyl Shutters: Which Is the Best Option for Your Kitchen Windows?

Kitchen window treatments should be both appealing and practical. When choosing shutters, finding a material with both characteristics can be a challenge. Thus, most users don't know how to choose between wood and vinyl shutters. Wood has a natural look, while vinyl has many functional benefits. Which is the best shutter material for the kitchen windows? Below are four factors to consider when comparing the two options.

Moisture resistance

Kitchens are high-moisture areas. Therefore, the window treatments you choose should be waterproof. Additionally, since most kitchen windows are near a sink, they can get wet during cleaning tasks. Wood shutters don't hold up well in high moisture rooms. When exposed to water, wood can get discoloured and lose its kerb appeal. Over time, moisture can also cause the shutters to warp.

Vinyl is a plastic material. This means it is moisture-resistant. This feature makes it a suitable material for kitchen shutters. When it gets wet, you can simply wipe it down with a piece of cloth and get rid of the water stains. Furthermore, vinyl doesn't warp or suffer damage due to moisture exposure.

Ease of maintenance

Kitchen shutters are often exposed to stains from food spills. Therefore, you need a material that's easy to maintain. Wood can be easily stained by spills and is cumbersome to clean. If you leave the stains for too long, they can ruin the surface of the wood. On the other hand, cleaning wood shutters too often can strip and damage the surface and ruin its visual appeal.

Vinyl is a relatively low-maintenance material. As such, it's ideal for use in the kitchen. It does not suffer damage from acidic foods and stains. You can wipe down your shutters as often as needed without worrying about their appearance. What's more, vinyl shutters don't need special polishing products as wood does.

Material durability

Wood and vinyl shutters are both durable and sturdy. However, the durability of the window treatments depends on maintenance. If you neglect your wooden shutters or expose them to moisture, they will wear out before the end of their usable life. Thus, opt for wooden shutters only if you're ready to observe proper maintenance practices. Conversely, vinyl shutters can last close to a decade with minimal maintenance.

Cost factor

If you're on a tight budget, vinyl shutters are the best window treatments to consider. The cost of wood shutters depends on the type of wood. Hardwood species such as cedar, oak and maple are incredibly sturdy, but they are pricey. Cheaper wood types such as cedar and fir cost less, but they may not be as durable as hardwoods. 

Vinyl and wood shutters are great for residential use. However, vinyl is the better material for your kitchen windows due to its waterproof properties, low cost and ease of maintenance. For more information about shutters, contact a supplier.

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