Quarry Services: A Guide

If you are about to begin extracting rocks or minerals from the ground for the very first time, you may be wondering about the quarry services an earth-moving company can offer you. This article explores some of these services. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Mapping the ground

A contractor will use ground-penetrating radar and laser scanning to better understand the rock layers below. Using this information, the team can create a detailed map of the area. You can use this info to make sure you are working in the right place.

Preparation of the site

Once the mapping is completed, the contractor will use a prep team to perform tasks like clearing any rocks or tree branches on site, erecting fences, putting down salt, and performing other tasks to ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Removal of overburden

A contractor will be able to provide the tools you need to remove the overburden from the area you wish to quarry. Typically, heavy earth-moving machines are used to excavate the surface layers of sand or soul so the rock you wish to extract is easily accessible. Once this material has been removed, the contractor will use lifting gear and earth-moving equipment to load the material onto trucks so it can be safely transported away.


Once the rocks or minerals are exposed, the contractor will call in an explosives expert so you can comment blasting the rocks. The use of explosives is a quick and easy way to separate material from the ground and to break it up into smaller pieces. Holes will be drilled into the surface of the rock and narrow tubes of explosives will be placed into these voids. By carefully positioning the holes, the contractor will be able to control how rocks break apart when they are blasted.


Once the material has been blasted, the contractor will cut the rock into blocks before using cranes and other lifting gear to stack it in a secure location until it is ready to be transported. They will also place supports underneath the rocks to ensure they do not slip or move.

If you're interested in finding out more, you should make contact with a local earth-moving contractor who offers quarry services. A member of the team will be happy to discuss your project in more detail so they can provide advice and information.

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