Top Reasons Why Pallet Design Audit is Crucial for a Supply Business

Pallet audits cover various areas of a contractor's operations. One area where pallet audit has gained significant importance is design. Notably, a business needs an audit if it is serious about maximising pallet application, particularly in an evolving distribution and supply network. Unfortunately, it is common to come across companies that do not take a pallet design audit seriously. Therefore, why should you bother yourself with periodic pallet design audits? This article highlights the top reasons for doing so.

Manage Transport and Storage Costs

There is a direct correlation between cost and volume in the logistics industry. If a business does not pay attention to the arrangement of individual units on pallets, it might incur unnecessary expenses during transportation. Such inefficiencies often arise from a mismatch between pallet design and products. For instance, pallet dimensions should dictate the quantity and arrangement of goods to be palletised. Therefore, if loaders cannot fit a specific amount of products on a single pallet, the chances are high that the arrangement is off. Consequently, a business might be compelled to pay more for unoccupied space. For this reason, periodic pallet design audit is necessary to ensure that pallets can accommodate most products. It goes a long way in reducing the number of pallets that a business needs.

Evolving Automation in Supply Chain

Over the years, the distribution and supply industry has witnessed significant progress in automation. The development is accelerated by key logistics trends, such as the last-mile delivery, where customers demand products to be delivered at their doorsteps. The good news is that automation in warehouses has significantly improved efficiency, with robotics playing a vital role in the process. However, as automated systems advance, so must pallet designs to ensure a seamless interaction. Therefore, periodic pallet design audit is essential to determine whether a new robotics system can work seamlessly with existing pallets or not.

Optimising Palletisation

The speed with which products are secured to a pallet has a significant impact on the efficiency of a business. Notably, workers must save as much time as possible when loading and wrapping products on pallets. Sadly, it is not easy to achieve such efficiency if a pallet design does not allow for comfortable and speedy palletisation. Therefore, when a business senses that time is wasted in the palletisation department, it could be time to conduct a pallet design audit. The audit looks at products vis-a-vis the existing pallet design and suggest possible adjustments to dimensions or shape for improved palletisation.

For more information about pallets, reach out to a warehouse equipment supplier.

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