How to Choose the Right Style for Your New Home

If you intend to start with a clean sheet of paper and want to build a home that you can be truly proud of, then your first big task will be to choose its architectural style. While you may have ideas that are very specific and relate to the layout or functionality of the house, you will probably need to choose from one of the predominant styles across Australia as the base for your creativity. What are some of the available options?


The most popular choice is based on modernism. This sprang into prominence after the end of World War II as a building boom spread across the world along with a new sense of optimism. These houses typically have an open plan, with the private bedrooms set apart from their community areas. They often feature expansive glass and love to open to the outdoors.

Art Deco

If you want to be really different, however, perhaps you should go for the art deco look. These buildings feature very distinctive architecture that was a big hit in the 1930s. Art deco was exemplified by the curved facade, unusual shapes, pastel shade tiles, decorative brickwork and parquet floors. This is perhaps the most distinctive architectural style of all, and you would certainly set yourself apart with this one.


Maybe you should go back in time a little more and build a home in dedication to the Victorian era. The mid-Victorian era was the time for elaborate facades, cast-iron work, decorative ceilings and ornate design. Many different and equally as distinctive styles originate from this era, which spread throughout the 19th century.


Or you may decide to be modern, contemporary and up to date with your project. In this case, you could choose a large, open-plan kitchen, combined entertainment, family and dining area and ensuite bathrooms. Typically, tile would be placed in the common areas with carpet in the bedrooms, and you could even incorporate a suite for your grandparents.


Of course, you could decide to incorporate a bit of everything into your final design, and there are no hard-and-fast rules to dictate what you need to do. You will want to make the home practical, pleasing to look at and something to be proud of, so you should talk with architects and contractors as you begin to plan. They will help you to determine what is possible and what isn't and steer you in the right direction.

Reach out to a contractor that works with architectural homes to learn more.

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