4 Reasons You Should Choose Plywood Sheets for Your Flooring

Plywood is a sheet material that's made by gluing together thin layers of wood veneer. Adjacent layers are glued with their wood grain rotated at an angle to each other for added durability. Plywood is a popular building material that is usually formed into large sheets, and here are just four reasons why you should use it for your flooring.

1. Affordable

Probably the most common reason why people opt for plywood flooring is to save money. Though not as cheap as something like particle board, plywood is still one of the cheapest flooring materials available. If you're going to be laying carpeting or laminate over the sheets anyway, there's not much point in choosing a more expensive material that you're never going to see. It's also a good idea to pick an affordable material like plywood if you're flooring a larger room.

2. Large Sheets

The fact that plywood is usually produced in large sheets is a benefit in and of itself. Because those sheets are large and square, you can cover larger expanses relatively quickly and easily. Compare that convenience against the annoyance of laying hardwood planks, which are much thinner than plywood sheets.

3. Easy to Cut

Okay, maybe you're trying to floor a room that's on the smaller side, those large plywood sheets will be a bit of a nuisance, right? Actually, no. Plywood is very easy to cut to shape, so you fit in into smaller rooms and around tighter spaces or oddly-shaped areas with ease. Again, this makes them more convenient than hardwood planks, which can be tough to cut to shape and aren't very adaptable to unconventional floorplans.

If you're not doing the work yourself, picking a material that's easier to work is going to save on labour costs and installation time. If you fancy doing a bit of DIY, plywood's ease of use makes it possible.

4. Versatile Appearance

In most cases, people who choose plywood flooring end up covering it with laminate planks or a roll of carpet, and that's perfectly fine. However, you don't necessarily have to cover plywood flooring. People tend to think of it as an unattractive product purely because they're only familiar with all-purpose sheets designed to be hidden.

In fact, you can buy plywood that replicates the appearance of hardwood. You can also stain and paint it yourself to achieve a personalized look. If you want a high-end look but don't want to break the bank, plywood products might just be perfect for you.

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