Three Crucial Considerations for Planning for Commercial Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling work on commercial properties should be conducted by qualified contractors. If the drilling processes are carried out by inexperienced individuals, the consequences can be unfavourable. For instance, if the concrete structure is bored without inspection, an underlying pipe or wire could be damaged. If the wrong section of a building or pavement surface is drilled, the integrity of the structure could be compromised. Also, poor drilling practices could limit the success of your final goals. For example, if the holes drilled are unstable, they will not be able to accommodate new piping or cabling. Here are some critical factors to help you plan effectively if you are planning on commissioning a commercial drilling project.

Ground Scanning

Proper analysis of the condition of your concrete structure is critical before beginning the drilling work. If you drill your concrete walls, floors or pavements blindly, you might cause unexpected damage to underlying structures. For example, electrical conduits and cables are often concealed in walls and floors. Also, your commercial driveways, pavements and parking lots might be concealing water supply pipes and drainage channels. Therefore, you should determine the specific points that you would like to drill. Then, you should hire a contractor who can use equipment such as ground penetrating radar to determine whether there are vulnerable elements.

Drill Selection

Choosing the correct drill for your concrete boring work is critical for the success of your project. If the wrong equipment is used for the procedures, the concrete structure could sustain unnecessary damage. For example, the concrete surrounding the new hole could experience mechanical stress and accelerate the deterioration of the structure. You should also note that your choice of equipment will determine the scope of work and the final results. In general, when selecting a drill, you should think about critical factors such as drilling depth and diameter, power supply, availability of stands and drill bit compatibility. If you are uncertain about your choice, you should discuss your requirements with your contractor or equipment supplier.

Worksite Safety

Finally, you should take measures to promote safety in your commercial space during the concrete drilling project. If you have no precautionary measures, your employees, customers and guests could sustain serious injuries. Ideally, you should look for a barrier solution to isolate your drilling site. Also, you should ensure that there are conspicuous labels in place, indicating the continuing work. In addition, you should make certain that the holes created after drilling can be covered appropriately until the project is completed.

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