3 Ways a Second Floor Extension Can Improve Your Yard

When most people think about adding an extension to their home, they think about how the extension is going to affect the inside of their home, and of course, that's important to consider. Extensions give you much needed room for a spare bedroom, a home office, an extra lounge or a variety of other spaces. However, with a second floor extension, you also indirectly improve your yard. Here's why.

1. You Don't Compromise the Home's Footprint

Typically, extensions go out from the main floor of the house, and they make its footprint bigger. That reduces the amount of outdoor space you have available. However, with a second floor extension, that is not an issue.

Depending on the shape of your home and your goals for your extension, you may be able to put the second floor extension directly on top of the home or on the garage.  Alternatively, you may be able to build a second floor extension that juts out from your original second floor and rests on pillars or stumps that extend to the ground.

2. You Can Create Shade for a Patio

If you decide to go for a second floor extension that juts over your yard, you can turn the space under the extension into a shaded patio. With the hot sun constantly beating down, this can be a great way to create a charming and comfortable outdoor space.

If you like, you could even hang mesh so that it runs from the base of your second floor extension to the ground in your yard. Then, you have a screened-in outdoor area that is free of bugs.

3. You Can Add a Balcony

Whilst the contractor is working on your extension, you may want to ask them about the possibility of putting in an upstairs balcony. As they're already building the extension, they should easily be able to put some French doors in one of the walls and build a balcony or a raised deck protruding from that area.

That increases the amount of outdoor space you have available for fun. For instance, if you have limited space, you might want to put a patio table on the upstairs balcony and then turn the rest of your yard into a vegetable garden or put in a pool.

To get more ideas, contact a contractor directly. When you talk with a second floor extension specialist, they can let you know more about how extensions can improve both the inside and the outside of your home.

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