3 Fundamental Reasons Why Your Operators Need Quality Truck Suspension Seats

When most people think of construction site activities, what immediately comes to mind is the heavy workload involved. To some people, heavy equipment operators are considered superhuman because of the presumed physical demands and scale of the job. Coupled with the long shifts in the construction industry, you begin to understand why heavy equipment operators are considered to be exceptionally fit. However, the secret lies in state-of-the-art seats that are installed in massive construction machines. The seats have features that allow operators to work for extended shifts without much strain.

If you are starting a construction firm, then your staffs' well being should rank high, and it begins with getting the right seats for your crane and trucks operators. Below are noteworthy reasons to consider suspension seats for your fleet.

Operator Health 

Heavy construction machines vibrate a lot mainly if the terrain is rugged. The impact that the vibrations have on one's body cannot be ignored because they are an occupational hazard. Even if your staffs do not show any immediate side effects to the vibrations, you do not have to wait until they do so because it will only set your business up for legal battles. Consequently, your firm will suffer because your operators will not be productive. Therefore, make sure that you protect your workers from the seemingly harmless vibrations. A well-constructed truck seat will absorb as much of the vibrations from the machine as possible and insulate the operator from harm.

Operator Safety 

As mentioned earlier, construction cranes and trucks vibrate a lot. Additionally, most of the machines are designed to navigate over small craters. As such, the risk of getting thrown out of a truck is genuine. Therefore, operators need to be protected from such incidences, which is why quality truck seats are equipped with industry grade seatbelts because standard seat belts would wear off quickly. Other than protecting operators from being thrown off the machine, operators need protection from the risk of head and neck injuries. Notably, the head restraints on suspension seats play a critical role since they absorb the backward and forward surges when emergency brakes are applied.   

Operator Comfort

Before suspension seats came into the picture, construction site workers couldn't manage long shifts. It was because the seats in construction trucks at the time were uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, the comfort of operators is paramount for high productivity. With contractors looking for every possible way to lower operational costs, shifts have become longer. However, it is not an issue with operators because the extra cushioning and suspensions on the seats ensure maximum operator comfort.

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