How to Compare New Home Costs

People who want to build a home may wish to compare the costs quoted by each builder for each finished square foot of the home. Great care needs to be taken when comparing those prices because many factors can affect them. Below are critical factors to consider when comparing the costs of building a home.

Calculation Methods Used

You should start by paying attention to how a given builder measures the total square footage of the home. For example, one builder may base their calculations on the size of the home inside the wall framing. Another builder may calculate the square footage by measuring everything (including the siding of the building). It is therefore wise to find out how the measurement was done so that you can accurately compare the costs per square foot of the proposed homes.

The Materials Used

Always evaluate the specific materials that each builder intends to use during the construction project. For example, two builders may specify hardwood flooring for the home. However, the builders may intend to use different thicknesses of flooring materials for that home. The builder using thinner hardwood may, therefore, give you a lower quote for each square foot of the home when compared to the quotation of the contractor who intends to use thicker hardwood flooring.

The Type of Home

Differences in the cost of each square foot of two finished homes of the same size can be due to differences in the type of home. For example, a single-floor home may have a higher cost per square foot when compared to a two-floor home of the same size in terms of square feet. The higher cost of the single-floor home may be due to the greater costs associated with the bigger foundation and bigger roof. The multi-level home has a smaller footprint and a smaller roof. This can lower the cost of building each square foot of that home.

Design Choices

Many design choices can also have an impact on the cost of each square foot of a home. For example, a home with long hallways and high ceilings may cost more for each square foot of the finished home when compared to a home with standard ceiling heights and fewer/shorter hallways. Opting for a custom design can also increase the cost of each finished square foot of the home that is constructed for you.

It is always necessary to consult an expert who will help you assess the various competitive builders and assist you to make the right choice.

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