Tips to Transforming Your Yard into a Formal Garden

Although having a yard is something most people want, you would be surprised to find that many homeowners may not know how best to landscape this area to enhance the kerb appeal of their residence. The reason behind this is that some individuals may assume that it would take up too much of their time and energy to make their yard look presentable. In truth, the first step is deciding on your vision for your property and then taking necessary the measures to bring it to life. One of the common landscaping themes that you could consider is creating a formal garden. Read on for handy tips on how you can transform your yard into an impressive space previously thought to be exclusive for prestigious homes.

Stick to classic plants

When buying plants for your garden do not just stroll into a nursery and pick everything that catches your fancy. The only result you would get from this approach is a medley of different colours and heights, which would inadvertently end up making your yard seem busy and disorganised. When creating a formal garden, stick to classic plants with subtle blooms. Options such as magnolias, gardenias and star jasmine would be an excellent choice as they are characterised by their distinctive green foliage and subtle hints of flowering blooms. For your hedges and walkways, opt for rigidly structured plants such as the Chinese juniper, which would be able to stay upright and distinguished.

Invest in ornamental features

Another simple trick to transforming your yard from bland to grand would be investing in some ornamental features. These features have a penchant for drawing peoples' eyes, which creates visual interest in your formal garden. Some of the features that you could consider include large urns to pot some plants in, erecting a miniature rotunda that you could integrate climbing vines on and even simple placing statues at various points in your garden. To make the most of the appeal that these features add, include lighting as part of your landscaping supplies so that your formal garden is well illuminated when night falls.

Have a symmetrical layout

One thing to note about formal gardens is that the entire design of the landscaping appears to be premeditated. Plants are not merely left to grow helter-skelter, but instead will have specific areas demarcated for them. Garden edging is a good way to create these symmetrical borders. Some of the landscaping supplies that would be perfect for your garden edging include limestone, clay bricks, precast decorative stone and more. 

Contact a company that carries landscape supplies for more information and assistance. 

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