Two ways to protect your construction site from thieves

Construction sites often contain equipment and tools that are worth thousands of dollars. As such, it's important to ensure that these sites are kept secure. Here are two ways to do this:

Check the condition of the site's locks on a regular basis

Much of the most expensive equipment that is used on a construction site is stowed away in lockable containers overnight. The perimeters of the site itself are then usually secured with some type of lockable fence. These are two very effective means of protecting a construction site from thieves, provided the locks that you use are in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, exposure to moisture (in the form of rain and humidity) can lead to some types of locks corroding. Corrosion can affect the robustness of a lock, by damaging its internal mechanical components. This deterioration could, in turn, make it easier for a determined thief to break the lock open.

As such, it's important to inspect the condition of the locks that you use to secure your construction site on a regular basis. This inspection should include a visual examination of the lock (looking for signs of corrosion or other damage that might compromise its functionality) as well as physically opening and closing the lock mechanism.

If you notice that the lock seems to be seizing up or that you have to use considerable force to turn the key, then you should contact one of the commercial locksmiths in your area and have them replace the locks immediately.

Whilst having these locks changed is admittedly a time-consuming process, it could potentially save you thousands, by preventing thieves from breaking into your site and stealing your construction equipment.

Deter thieves with signage and lighting

Thieves do not want to be seen by anyone when they break into and steal goods from construction sites. Because of this, they tend to target sites which are poorly-lit and unmonitored.

As such, you can reduce the likelihood of a thief targeting your particular construction site, simply by making sure that it is well lit at night, and that there are warning signs around the perimeters which indicate that the site is under continual surveillance (even if this is not actually the case).

Portable floodlights and LED light towers are both excellent choices for construction sites, where it might not be practical or possible to install permanent light fixtures. Placing these around the perimeters of the site, and close to any storage containers where expensive equipment is being kept, should help to significantly reduce the likelihood of a thief choosing to break into the site.

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