Unexpected ideas for bathroom bling

Bathroom renovations can be expensive and costly, so it's important to pick the right design elements. Unexpected choices like glass splashbacks can add flair while giving your bathroom a unique finish.

Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a well-loved favourite for kitchens but they can also add a stylish finish to your bathroom too. They come in a wide range of finishes from clear to mirrored and even subtle sparkle, so you can give your bathroom just the kind of character you're seeking. Glass splashbacks also offer a seemingly never ending range of colour choices from timeless neutrals to bright, bold hues. Their clean finish gives a sleek and modern feeling to any bathroom. Subway tiles may be all the rage at the moment, but glass splashbacks can give an even wider range of colours and industrial feel without leaving your new bathroom screaming 2017.

Wet room

An open plan wet room or open shower rather than a traditional bathroom with a discrete shower is an exciting option that few consider. Popular in Europe and Japan, they make an excellent choice for a small or awkwardly shaped room where fitting a traditional shower may close the room off. A wet room design optimises space while giving a luxurious feel as they're often found in spas or hotels. They're also extremely practical, being easy to clean and very accessible for those with mobility restrictions such as small children or the elderly. Wall choice is particularly important in a wet room, and glass splashbacks can add to the light, open-plan feel while making the space even easier to clean.

Floating vanities

While a vanity may seem like a minor choice in your bathroom design you can still use it to add a powerful design punch. A floating vanity will contribute to a light and airy finish for any bathroom while giving it a luxurious, futuristic touch. Having space under the vanity opens up the room and gives you flexibility in how you use this often overlooked area. For instance, you may leave it empty for a modern, airy look or place on-trend baskets underneath to maximise storage while still keeping the space up to date. Floating vanities can also really highlight your wall choice, be it a glass splashback or tiles. This is a particularly good style choice if you're focusing on clean lines in other parts of the bathroom, such as with a freestanding bathtub.

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