Three Tips for Asbestos Removal

People who have discovered asbestos in their new homes need to take immediate action to deal with that hazardous material. This article discusses some tips that you should keep in mind in case you decide to have that asbestos removed.

Contact the Authorities

The first thing that you should do when you suspect that your home has asbestos in it is to contact the relevant authorities in your area. Those officials will tell you what regulations you are expected to comply with during the process of removing that hazardous material. For example, you will be able to know whether it is permissible to conduct DIY asbestos removal. Such information can enable you to spend less on removing that material on your own instead of hiring experts. Confirming that DIY removal isn't allowed will save you from getting into trouble later in case it is discovered that you contravened the law by handling that material yourself without the relevant permits and skills.

Use Different Companies

Find different companies to handle the different aspects of the abatement process in case you find that it is illegal for homeowners to remove asbestos from their properties without expert help. Select companies that are properly licensed and insured to do that abatement work. For example, find one company to conduct a thorough inspection of your home so that all the asbestos or asbestos-containing material is identified. You can then give another company the task of removing that identified asbestos. A third company (or the company that did the original inspection) can then check the home to confirm that all the asbestos was removed. This method will give you peace of mind that nothing was missed during the abatement project.

Be Prepared

It is also advisable for you to have a contingency plan for your family before the abatement project starts. For example, you should make arrangements to evacuate the home just in case the method that will be used to remove the asbestos poses risks to the occupants of the home. The timing of the project should be such that this evacuation will not have an adverse effect on family members. For instance, the project can be conducted during the school holiday so that your kids don't have to travel a long distance in order to go to school.

Asbestos removal is not the only option available to you once it is confirmed that asbestos is present in your home. Other alternatives, such as encapsulation, can be implemented. It is therefore advisable for you to seek the opinion of asbestos removal experts so that they can advise you about the most appropriate option. You can then use the tips above if it is deemed necessary to remove that asbestos from your home.

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