Poolside Trees and Debris: 4 Simple Solutions to Your Tree Debris Problem

In Australia, around 20,000 new swimming pools are built every year. Along with barbecues, swimming pools are an important part of the Australian way of life. That is probably why Australia has more swimming pools per capita than any other country in the world. However, while having a pool in your backyard does add value to your property and fun to your way of life, it also comes with challenges.

Poolside Trees Provide Shade, but also Litter

When designing a pool area, many homeowners like the idea of having a shade tree or two to relax under after a swim. After all, Australian summers are known for their sizzling heat. Choosing the right trees for your pool, however, is essential because many species of trees drop a ton of debris.

Trying to keep your pool free of debris and crystal clear throughout the year, especially in spring and autumn, can be a real challenge if your trees are of the messy variety.

Here are some tips on what you can do to help keep your pool clean in this situation.

Hire an Arborist to Prune the Trees Back

Removing a tree, especially one that you are familiar with, may be too drastic a measure for some people. Instead, hire an arborist to prune your tree back to a manageable level. An experienced arborist will know exactly how much to prune without harming the tree so that you can take a break from removing debris from your pool day after day.

Remove and Replace the Trees with Pool-Friendly Species

If trees are a must, why not have your arborist remove the ones you currently have and replace them with some fast-growing, pool-friendly trees instead?

There are several species of pool-friendly tree to choose from:

  • Banana tree
  • Magnolia tree
  • Holly tree
  • Acacia tree
  • Olive tree
  • Oleander tree
  • Citrus tree

Each of these trees can provide shade whilst producing a minimum amount of debris.

Swap Your Trees for Shade Sails

Shade sails are ideal for poolsides. Not only do they come in many styles and colours, but they can also be adjusted to provide just the right amount of shade in just the right place.

Invest in Some Free-standing Umbrellas Instead

Perhaps the simplest option of all, and the most cost-effective in the long run, would be to remove the offending tree and replace its shade with a freestanding umbrella or two. This will also give your poolside a holiday getaway vibe and allow you to move and adjust the umbrellas as you see fit.

If your poolside trees are causing you to spend more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it, consider replacing them. Remember too that if you ever sell your home, potential buyers will also consider the mess that poolside trees can make.

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