Pump It Up: Choosing Essential Accessories For Your Stormwater Pumping Station

If you own land that collects large amounts of water during storms and heavy rains, dealing with the ensuing swell of groundwater and potential flooding can be a perennial nightmare. As such, many large landowners installed stormwater pumping stations on their land -- these self-contained groundwater pumping units are capable of pumping large amounts of unwanted stormwater to areas where it can be more easily managed (such as reservoirs and land drains), keeping your land free of hazardous and damaging waterlogging.

However, even the most versatile and powerful pumping station will occasionally encounter obstacles it can't handle, ranging from excessive water levels to solid waste and even the occasional hostile human. As such, using some or all of the following pumping station accessories can dramatically increase the efficiency and longevity of your pumping station:

Monitor and alarm systems

Whether you run a small, man-portable packaged pumping station, or an industrial-strength station with all the mod cons, fitting an alarm system to our station can be equally important. These alarms sound when groundwater levels are either too high (which can cause damaging flooding) or too low (which can cause station pumps to burn out if left running), using bells, warning lights or even auto-diallers hardwired to your home or work phone to quickly alert you of pumping problems.

Anti-vandal protection

Sadly, isolated pumping stations in rural areas present a juicy target to bored vandals with nothing better to do, and many a landowner has returned to their pumping station for inspection only to find that it has been badly damaged and defaced. Installing some kind of protection against these marauding menaces is therefore always advisable, and can save you considerable amounts of money in repairs and maintenance.

The most effective means of protecting your pumping station are with anti-vandal cages -- these cages are similar to those often seen protecting air conditioning compressors and are robustly built to endure the most savage beatings while still providing easy access via a lockable hatch. You may also consider purchasing protective covered for your pumping station's controls and alarm systems.

First flush diverters

When your pumping station starts to actively pump excess stormwater, the first few gallons of stormwater to pass through the station are often badly contaminated with loose soil, pesticides and other hazardous substances. This can pose a serious environmental problem if your pumping station feeds into a stream or other large body of water, and can lead to legal trouble if local groundwater supplies become contaminated.

First flush diverters are designed to help you avoid this problem. When installed, these diverters automatically prevent the initial portion of pumped water from flowing along ordinary drainage lines. Instead, this contaminated water is pumped into a separate, isolated chamber, where it can be disposed of safely.

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