Why Having a Site Survey Performed Prior to Any New Construction on Private Property Is Necessary

There are a lot of things that construction contractors have to think about at every stage of a new construction project. One of them is having a site survey performed before any construction activities can begin onsite. Site surveys are normally carried out by construction surveyors. In Australia to be specific, carrying out a site survey remains one of the most important requirements of any construction project. As a matter of fact, private land owners cannot obtain building approval before they have had the survey performed. 

Up to now, however, not many private land developers understood the importance of having a site survey performed. They simply view it as one of those obligatory requirements that they have to meet before they can get a 'go-ahead' to proceed with their construction projects. This perception should be corrected. 

The following points explain the significance of having a site survey carried out before embarking on any construction activities onsite. 

To establish the boundaries of the land

One of the main reasons why site surveys are conducted is to determine the boundary lines of the property. This type of survey is called a boundary survey. By establishing the boundary lines, construction contractors can quantify the exact dimension and shape of the building envelope based on the size of the land as well as existing zoning restrictions, utility easements and restrictive covenants. This way, the proposed building will be positioned on the land correctly, so that it does not encroach into adjacent properties or breach any existing restrictions. This, in turn, helps stay away from legal troubles that may arise due to such violations.

To identify site-specific risks

There are many different factors that may render a site unsuitable for a proposed construction project. A site survey can help reveal these factors before construction work can commence onsite. For example, the land may be located too close to a local river, making a section of the land prone to flooding when the river bursts its banks during the rainy season. Or, the top soil may be too saturated to support the weight of the proposed structure without any soil stabilisation being carried out. In other words, a site survey will help identify problems with the land that might cause major structural issues down the line.

Private property owners should never overlook having a site survey carried out before embarking on new construction projects. The above-discussed points demonstrate why.

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