2 Spaces In Your Older Style Home That Will Benefit From The Addition Of A Skylight Window

An abundance of natural light is a much-desired feature of a modern home. Natural light makes a room feel warmer, more spacious and more enjoyable to spend time in. Having ample light also means that you have less need for artificial lighting which can make a huge difference in the amount you spend on electricity.

Unfortunately, not all homes are graced with rooms that have an abundance of natural light. In fact, some rooms may be windowless and have no source of natural light at all. Other homes, particularly older styles, may have living spaces that have limited natural light due to window size and the layout of the internal space.

Fortunately, you can add natural light to most rooms in your home by installing a skylight window. As the name suggests, these windows allow light into rooms via the roof of your home. Here are two spaces in your home that may benefit immensely from the addition of a skylight window.

1. The bathroom

Many bathrooms in older style homes have very small windows. Some may have no windows at all, especially in en suite bathrooms which may be in the centre of the home. Natural light is important in a bathroom and is a far better light for many bathroom tasks such as shaving or applying makeup.

Bathrooms also benefit from having adequate ventilation. Without it, mould and mildew can develop causing an unsightly, unsanitary and smelly environment. A skylight that has built-in ventilation provides the double service of natural light and natural air-flow.

2. The hallway

While modern home design has virtually done away with long, lightless hallways, they're a common feature of older-style homes. Unless you're planning to completely reconfigure your home's layout, skylight windows are the only way to add natural light to this enclosed space in your home.

Adding skylight windows to your hallway is also an opportunity to add a striking design feature to an otherwise bland part of your home. Opt for a large skylight window that has an architectural style frame in timber or decorative metal. Using a series of smaller, identical skylight windows evenly spaced down the length of the hallway can also be a practical and striking addition to your home.

There are many different sizes, shapes and styles of skylight windows available. For more information on your options and to figure out which products will work best in your home, contact local skylight window manufacturers.

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