Renovations to Consider For Your Deck

If you currently have a deck, you can make improvements to it without actually having to tear it down and build a new one. There are a variety of renovations and add-ons that aren't too difficult to do, but they will really enhance the space. Consider some of these renovations for your deck.

Install a Security Gate

The first addition you might want to get for your outdoor deck is a security gate. This will of course depend on the size and layout of your deck, but it can be a great way to keep your desk safe for kids and pets. What you want to do is to have a gate installed so that small kids who are outside on the deck with you can't walk or fall down the stairs that lead to your yard. You can have a gate installed that matches the style of your deck, but with a lock that only adults will be able to open. This also keeps your dogs contained in one area if you prefer not to have them roaming the yard at certain times.

Get Under-Deck Storage

Another excellent upgrade for a deck is to have under-deck storage added. You probably already have some empty space beneath your deck, since most of them are raised above the ground and are accessible by stairs that lead down to the yard. This is great because it is easy to have a contractor install built-in storage beneath the deck. This can have pull-out drawers or shelves for anything from gardening tools to outdoor dining items that you need to store somewhere.

Add a Porch Swing

This is a really fun way to improve your deck and enjoy more time outside. If you already have a covered deck, then you can simply install the porch swing on the roof of your deck, as long as it can hold the weight. Otherwise, you might need to have a deck roof built first. A porch swing can be as large as you want, even long and wide enough to act as a napping spot where you can lay down.

Talk to a contractor if you have a deck and want to keep it, but are looking for ways to improve it. These and other renovations can make it more enticing to spend time on your deck, while creating a great space for entertaining friends and family. The improvements might even increase your home's resale value.

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